Remembering some Pop Culture important dates

By Andrés Ruiz | 26-Oct-2022

October 14, 1888

The first film ever was shot by the Frenchman Louis Le Prince. The short silent motion picture was titled “Roundhay Garden Scene” and consisted in only 20 frames lasting barely 1.66 seconds.

Due to his misterous death, Le Prince was never able to show his 16 lens camera to the public and thereby be claimed as the father of cinematography, despite said 16 lens camera was invented a couple of years before Edison’s kinetoscope.

October 23, 2001

Steve Jobs rocked our world once again by showing to the world the brand new ‘ultra-portable’ iPod, which completely transformed the way we consumed music, thanks to Apple’s invention the MP3 format became the rule for almost every music portable device.

Although our beloved iPods then shuffled into iPhones or iPads, its five major embodiments and countless generations represent one of Apple’s biggest success, selling over 400 million devices worldwide.

October 30, 2012

Disney went full light-speed and bought Lucasfilm Ltd. From his single-owner George Lucas for US$ 4 billion.

The purchase became one of the most expensive transfers of all time for an enterntainment related IP, which included the transfer of several IP rights including Indiana Jones and the fan favorite STAR WARS.

November 2, 1936

The world’s first-ever regular broadcast television channel was officially launched in the UK, the “B.B.C. Television Service” broadcasted by BBC, which was renowned as “BBC TV” in 1960 and later, in 1964, as “BBC1” as we currently know it.

November 9

We celebrate international inventor’s day and take the opportunity to congratulate all our Partners and colleagues for their contribution to new technology development and the resolution of human needs.

November 15, 2001 

Microsoft began its raid into the gaming industry and launched the original Xbox, becoming one of the most iconic consoles ever. 

As part of Microsoft’s big plans for entering the gaming industry, the iconic first-person shooter “Halo: Combat Evolved” was launched on the same day. A game initially developed as an Apple PC exclusive was set to become the face of Bill Gates company’s gaming division.

November 18, 1928

One of the first cartoons to use synchronized sound was premiered; yes, we are talking about the world-famous “Steamboat Willie,” recognized by Disney as Mickey Mouse’s very first public appearance.

The legend says that Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney during a train ride and baptized by Walt’s wife, Lillian; however, a more realistic version suggests that drawer Ub Iwerks created it in response to the loss of rights of Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit against Universal Pictures.

There are two previous cartoons starring Mickey Mouse, “Planet Crazy” & “The Gallopin’ Gaucho”; however, both failed to obtain distribution, so Disney claims this third cartoon as the official birth of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pete. 

Walt Disney himself voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse for this cartoon.

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