Don't miss these interesting Web3 celebrations!

By Andrés Ruiz | 01-Sep-2022

This September focused on #Web3.0, we commemorate the following events which are pillars for this new era of the web. 


September 4, 1927

Mathematician and computer scientist John McCarthy was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1955 he coined the term “Artificial Intelligence”, which is why he is considered the father of AI. In 1958 he created the LISP programming, the basis of modern AI programming languages.


September 25, 1956

The first submarine transatlantic telephone cable system TAT-1 was inaugurated, with which 35 simultaneous phone calls could take place, connecting Oban, Scotland with Newfoundland (Canada), for further connection with the cities of London and New York.

This advance would not have been possible without the coaxial cable, vacuum tubes, and polyethylene insulation inventions. US Patent 1,835,031 for Espenschied’s coaxial cable.


September 15, 1997

Larrey Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain “”

September 27, 1998

The Google search engine was released, and the rest is history. The internet giant currently has more than 60,000 patent registrations and around 15,000 trademarks.


September 28, 1999

US patent 5,960,411 was granted for the unusual 1-click shopping process in the name of the future king of internet sales: Amazon.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos recorded revenues of more than 50 billion dollars derived from the licenses granted for the use of this patent during the 18 years of its validity, an unprecedented figure for this type of invention.

Although said patent expired in 2017, this purchasing process laid the foundations for e-Commerce and will continue to be a pillar for the development of new purchasing technologies.


September 19, 1982

Computer scientist Scott Fahlman first proposed the use of characters “: - )” to express emotion and distinguish between a legitimate message and a “joke,” known today as emoticons.

The origin and authorship of emoticons is still a matter of debate, but it is a fact that if Fahlman had claimed their creation, nowadays, it would be challenging to quantify the income derived from them.

Emoticons have evolved from a simple combination of characters, passing through the well-known emojis to the recent ‘yats’ (NFT emojis), a transformation undoubtedly motivated by the need to express our emotions virtually.

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