Fun facts about pop culture

By Ana Cisneros | 26-Oct-2022

On this occasion, we bring you five fun facts regarding pop culture that you might not have known, with one being too sad to be true. Can you spot the knockoff? 

The secret story behind BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY

The year was 1997, and a band called The Verve released a song that became a hymn in early 2000.

It even appeared in the infamous “Cruel Intentions” movie (another 2000's iconic production).

But every time you hear the song, the royalties go to The Rolling Stones, not The Verve.

Blame the intro of the song, which Richard Ashcroft, lead singer of the Verve, created by mixing a sample of the song The Last Time by The Rolling Stones (written by Mick Jagger).

Long story short, IP lawyers got involved, the matter was considered plagiarism, and Mick Jagger holds the economic and moral rights over Bitter Sweet Symphony and receives royalties every time it is played.

Did you know about the hidden designer bag market?

You probably already know that most Haute Couture is manufactured in China and Vietnam. But what you probably don't know is that manufacturers often produce more pieces than needed, which in a strict sense, are also originals.

It is known that the very rich go get their designer bags in this “unofficial” market since designer bags can cost ten times less than the “original” ones.

Although the trip to Asia might compensate for what they save in their bags, you should read or watch Crazy Rich Asians for a better reference.

YouTube will no longer be available for free

After months of YouTube premium trying to “make it happen,” YouTube has realized that as long as it allows the platform to remain free of charge, no user will ever pay for its content.

Therefore, starting January 2023, to view any content on YouTube, it will be necessary to have a paid subscription.

YouTube offers a paid “Youtube Premium” subscription to watch videos in the background, download content, skip ads, and access all kinds of music playlists, yet the platform remains free to use, as it always has been.

Bollywood pays homage to the King of Pop

The famous Thriller video by the King of Pop has a beautifully done Bollywood representation, complete with costumes and choreography. If you want to brighten your day, click on this link.

Does Disney have a right to use a dead person's social media account to promote a movie?

With the premier of the movie WAKANDA FOREVER around the corner, Disney decided to “pay homage” to the late actor and Black Panther hero, Chadwick Boseman.

In the recently released trailer, his face can be seen in numerous images.

However, they used the late Chadwick Boseman's Twitter account to promote the movie's premier.

Disney has faced backlash due to this risky move and has been criticized for using dead people for commercial purposes or for using people's features for the same purposes. For example, they have “brought” Princess Leah back to life in their Star Wars saga and have recorded James Earls Jone's voice to preserve Darth Vader's distinctive voice even if the actor dies.

What do you reckon? Creepy, but business is business?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...

…Quentin Tarantino was not allowed to use Pulp Fiction's uncut scenes. Miramax, LLC, sued Quentin Tarantino for using the uncut scenes of Pulp for an NFT collection. The claim was settled between the parties, and now we know why hiring a good lawyer for Copyright matters is essential.

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